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High Performance ADVAN Wheels

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ADVAN represents Yokohama's premium, flagship brand. Yokohama gives the name ADVAN to their high-quality performance road and race tires, as well as their range of light-weight wheels. The word ADVAN, is derived from "ADVANCE", a word in itself meaning something innovative and ahead of the competitors. 

Advan has lots of wheels, some for street and some for track use. Listing them here would take an eternity, but you can check out Bean Garage's range of ADVAN wheels on offer by clicking here.

One of their most famous wheel, is probably the ADVAN Racing GT. A wheel that offers exceptional strength and durability, specially intended for racing and track use. It offers a 5 spoke design, and is extremely light-weight. There are several variatons of the wheel, intended for the US market, European, and of course JDM.

Finally, we have the advanced RS range, who feature machined side-cuts. Retaining the clean 10 spoke look of the RS, the RSII comes with an even better design and shape, featuring a concaved spoke. As all ADVAN wheels, the RS range is high-quality, and durability should not be an issue at all. The RS comes with either a standard design or a GTR design, with more aggresive spokes. Three colours for the RS are available, and they are: Racing Hyper Silver, Racing Hyper Black, and Racing Hyper Silver.

When it comes to high-quality performance wheels, ADVAN is the king. Anyone who knows their performance wheels, will tell you this. Their wheels are not only intended for street use, but for track use and racing as well. Check out our offer on ADVAN wheels right here. 

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