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These days cars have incredible amount of performance right out of the box. Virtually every new performance vehicle can compare to a supercar from just 10-15 years ago. And with so many performance parts on offer, it's easy to quickly achieve mind-blowing levels of horsepower and speed. Something that should never be overlooked however are the aerodynamics, especially if they're functional. 

A company that is all too familiar with quality aero parts, namely as a manufacturer of such is JP USA. They design and build a lot of aero-packages as well as individual aero components for various brands and vehicle models. JP USA is famous for introducing "Super Polyurethane" in the aero-parts manufacturing process. They invested a lot of years of research and development to be able to implement the material into their process. The reason why JP USA decided on spending time and money into SPU is because they saw its potential. A potential that was proven once the final products rolled off the production length. SPU is extremely durable and withstands all weather conditions. 

JP factories meets all regulations and satisfies the ISO9001-2000 standard. Because the main headquarters as well as the origins of he company are from Japan (JP Tokyo), having engineers dispersed in multiple locations around the world allows them to cover and analyze more markets. JP's visions as a company are to improve the aftermarket tuning world and offer high-quality products for the car enthusiast. Their customer service is next to none and the employees are extremely knowledgeable. It's quality with affordability. As one of their goals, they also aim to provide affordable products, not just quality overpriced ones. So far, they're doing an excellent job accomplishing this. 

JP stands for Japan Products. The company is one of the biggest companies in the aerodynamics sector. They've been in business since 1970, making them one of the oldest as well. JP has been involved in a lot of projects with car manufacturers designing OEM products for production cars, and those parts have then subsequently turned into off-the-shelf components. If 40 years in the business, OEM and AEM experience and high-quality materials don't speak in volume for a company, then we don't know what does.

As a word of caution, be aware that a lot of fake products go by names similar to the JP Brand but are in no way associated with them. You can usually find these under the names: J-style, JP style, VIZ style, V style, JP speed, VZ style, JPS... Bean Garage is an official seller of JP USA products which come straight from their factories. Check out our offer right here:

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