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A Big Sale on All Things ARK

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We've covered ARK Performance in the past a few times, most recently for the spring sale, and we've also mentioned what an exciting brand they are. But for anyone who might not be aware, we'll just do a little recap before going into the juicy details of the offer.

ARK was founded 21 years ago, in the distant 1995. They started off slowly just like any other new company, but grew very quickly. They became popular so fast that even the owners were amazed. At first they were just a big local name, but soon grew on an international level. They stayed true to their Korean roots however, keeping their headquarters in Korea and maintaining their status as one of the best aftermarket companies. The high-quality products they were producing and pushing onto the market meant that the ARK name soon became global. They were known even in the States and by the time anyone knew it, ARK had products here for U.S. enthusiasts to enjoy as well. 

Naturally it's only logical for an aftermarket company to get involved into some form of motorsport, which is exactly what ARK did. With such a wide array of products they could have gone any direction but they chose drifting. Drifting in itself is already hard, but with competitive drifting you're judged on angle, speed and line. Not to mention that you have to stay off the wall and there's the small matter of not crashing into your opponent while following him sideways in a cloud of smoke. ARK did really well, sponsoring two of the main championship title contenders and narrowly missing out the 2014 and 2015 title. 

The sale ARK is having right now is in regards to their exhaust systems, suspension and body kits. It's 25% off, making it practically a steal. If you're in the market for a Mustang GT GRiP exhaust, this is especially for you. Don't wait for the offer to be over, go ahead and browse Bean Garage's offer for all ARK products.

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