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Buying The Correct Wheels

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Wheels can make or break the look of a car, this much we all know. When you find your perfect wheel however, stop for a moment and calm down from all of the built up excitement. Consider if it's the best wheel for your car fitment wise, i.e. will it actually fit. You have no idea how often people buy the wrong wheels and only find out they don't fit their car after they've god them delivered. This usually happens for AEM wheels where they're designed to fit multiple vehicles but not all of them. Here are a few factors to consider.

Pattern and size
First and foremost, make sure the pattern is the same. There are wheels with four holes for the bolts, with 5, 6 and so on.. They holes themselves can vary in radius as well as offset they might have for a different length screw. When buying a wheel consult the manual for your car to see the specifications of your hub and such. If you're still unsure consult the company or retailer you're buying the wheels from, they're probably going to know what you need.

Wheel size
Now by this we mean both in width and in actual size in inches. A big wheel, say a 20 inch one might not fit in smaller cars or it may scrape the arches, depending on the car. Both render the wheel useless to you. And if it's too wide, it may not even reach the hub to properly connect or it'll simply be so wide it will hit all of the suspension components behind it. If possible, test the wheel you're planning to buy on your car or at the very least consult the manual or forums for the biggest wheel your car is capable of driving on.

It's more than skin deep
Don't just buy the wheels for their aesthetic value alone, consider the effects they might have on your car. For instance, a wider wheel will create more resistance, making a smaller car less accelerative and nimble, despite the claims of the internet that it will be faster. Because it has a lot of contact surface with the road it will have more rolling resistance, making turning harder and worsening fuel consumption too. Vice versa, if you fit it with a small tire it will not have any grip making the car even dangerous. 

We hope these tips managed to help you, or at the very least provided a good read. Follow us on Facebook for more blog updates and indeed, any part discounts and as always check out the Bean Garage shop for parts.

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