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don’t be blue


don’t be blue

Who doesn’t love a clean GE Honda Fit? This is a nice example from FitFreak member “FiT4Kim” in that great Sensation Blue color. These great photos really make the color pop! The owner is able to achieve the low ride height thanks to Buddy Club N+ coilovers. He didn’t spare any expenses when it came to wheels either, and went with Work Emotion in 17×7 +43 all around.

You might notice that this Fit’s body lines are a bit more aggressive than normal. This change is thanks to a JDP Front Lip and JDP Rear Spoiler. He also has JDM front and rear Honda H badges in red.

I think my favorite sticker award goes for the “30 MPG” one… His theme of “quality of quantity” is kept even with the exhaust which is made by T1R.

Another fine example of a daily driven, stylish, practical car. You just have to know that the owner has fun in this, even if it doesn’t have huge power!

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