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Enkei Classics

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Enkei is undoubtedly one of the largest wheel manufacturers on the planet. They design every type of wheel whether it be for street usage or for endurance racing. What's more, they also feature various types of wheels to match smaller hatchbacks, sportscars and even luxury limos. They're even suppliers of OEM wheels for big car manufacturers and have been business partners with companies like GM and BMW in the past. The quality you're expecting from them is nothing in comparison to what you're actually getting in return. Well today's article is here to highlight one special wheel that's always been stylish but has been making a comeback in recent years. The Enkei92.

The Enkei92 is a seriously cool looking old-school wheel that can weirdly suit nearly every vehicle, although it's best suited to Japanese ones. We've seen it being put on Beemers and Audis but the wheel represents the pinnacle of the era of import car tuning, going way back pre 2000's. The wheel itself is extremely durable and as you can imagine is made of high-quality materials. It has a big lip and a pretty aggressive offset, perfect for getting a bit more stance and in cars that have wider wheel arches. 

It's offered in 15 x 7” ET38 and 15 x 8” ET25 wheel sizes and is available in multiple bolt patterns. You should easily find the right one for your car but if you can't contact us here. There's a generous color palette consisting of silver, black and gold. You can find a great deal on the Enkei92 at Bean Garage at a discount of $21 right here. Go ahead, you know you want.

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