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ESM Wheels and their product range

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ESM Wheels first joined the wheel industry back in 2002, a time where custom wheels were starting to get really popular, but most people still opted for a conservative looking wheel. It was during this period that ESM saw a chance, a gap in the market for something bold and different. Something that would be so uniquely ahead of its time, everyone would want to have it. ESM designed a 16" low offset old school wheel with mesh design, a classic looking 80's retro wheel for the new millennium. This brought ESM a lot of attention and drew in a big crowd following, one that would stick with the company. This gave them the confidence to develop today's product range of 15 to 20 inch wheels, coming in lots of colors, shapes and sizes.

Although today the company is a far cry from the early beginnings with all of their new facilities and equipment, they still maintain what made them great and unique in the beginning, and keep all of their wheels in tip-top shape. The materials used and workmanship is up there with the best of them, and so is the staff at ESM. They are devoted to the company and make sure each and every product that rolls out of their shop is the best it can be.

ESM Wheels' main headquarters are located in Northridge on Parthenia Street, the same original location where it all started for them. All in all, the guys at ESM Wheels Manufacturing have over 40 years of combined experience when it comes to automotive wheel manufacturing. Besides their own ESM Wheels collection, they are also proud designers and builders of lots of OEM wheels and private label designs. Every ESM Wheel is built to the highest specifications and standard ensuring build quality across their entire range. 

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