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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Scion FR-S


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Scion FR-S

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta pictures are out and you can’t help but think that the Scion FR-S has a slight resemblance to the overall styling. With similar dimensional ratios such as the hood length, wheel base, height and overall length, the FR-S and F12 have a lot in common (well, besides the beastly V12 engine that gets 730hp).

I know that it is a far stretch to compare a Toyota to a fine Italian made Ferrari, however the similarities are undeniable. It goes to show that the engineers at Toyota / Subaru over the last few years really got it right. To even draw comparison to a Ferrari for a car that costs 1/10th of the price is a great feat.

Check out the roof; it even has similar lines there. Both cars share the large front wheel arches and aggressive front ends. Now, next time I’m driving our shop Scion FR-S, I’ll be sure to tell people it’s a poor man’s Ferrari…

Images : RoadandTrack.com

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