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Honda CR-Z Performance Parts

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Honda launched the CR-Z back in 2010 and labeled it a sport hybrid coupe. The car combines a normal gasoline powered engine and an electric motor to make a coupe that turned out to be a hit for Honda. This 2+2 style really became dear to people, especially wrapped in such an attractive body.

In the US, it's one of the least polluting cars available. It's so environmentally friendly, it's categorized as a zero emissions vehicle despite it emitting some CO2. US fuel economy is rated at 31 MPG for city driving and 37 MPG for highway with the manual transmission. The CVT automatic variant is a bit more economical with 35/39 MPG respectively.

This is mostly due to the power plant, which is a 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder engine equipped with i-VTEC and Honda's IMA hybrid-electric system. Total horsepower is 122, with 111 of those coming from the engine alone. This is mated to a standard 6-speed manual transmission or an optional CVT automatic. It's not a powerhouse by any means, but then again it wasn't designed to. The 128 foot pounds of torque make the car very agile and lively, especially at low revs and situations when accelerating from 0 miles per hour. Due to its relatively low weight and small chassis, it's a very fun city and and a good canyon carver too. 

Many companies saw the potential in this awesome little chassis and wanted to further enhance it and improve on it. One such edition is the Mugen version, which is quite a lot faster and more agile than the standard car, but more expensive too. At Bean Garage you can find lots of parts for your CR-Z at the most affordable prices, turning your CR-Z into a little monster. 

You can browse our shop for many CR-Z performance parts and upgrades, but some of the key components we recommend upgrading in descending order are:

Honda CR-Z Air Intake - frees up the engine and allows it to breathe better, improving performance and efficiency
Honda CR-Z Exhaust - not only does it add a bit more power, but allows free-flow for the engine, improving the sound greatly
Honda CR-Z Suspension - the car is already very nimble and agile as it is, so the addition of some coliovers or air suspension will really just make it that much better
Honda CR-Z Exterior - sideskirts, lips, grill, bumpers, wings.. you just name, there's a great chance that it's already in our shop.

Alternatively, you can view the entire Honda CR-Z section and browse for yourself.

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