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Scion FR-S driving experience in North Carolina


Over the weekend, we took a quick trip up to Boone, North Carolina area to take in the sights and test out the new Scion FR-S in a proper setting. The drive from Jacksonville, Florida takes about 8-9 hours, so it was not only a good test of how well the car does on corners / elevation, but of comfort.

We got started early in the day around 7am to get the most out of our trip and the most day light possible. Highway driving on the FR-S is a breeze with a good amount of acceleration and power to get you out of those hairy situations (or if you just want to wake up a bit!). The cruise control is very precise and makes the 8.5 hour trip a bit more bearable along with the upgarded BeSpoke Audio System to play streaming Spotify all the way there. Road noise at around 80 mph is pretty noticeable so you do have to crank up the tunes a bit if you want to hear any of the lyrics / notes!

Our best driving stretch was from Morganton, NC to Banner Elk, NC. It’s about a ~20 mile stretch of hard left and right turns mixed with long ascents and descents. When you see the squiggly line indicating an S curve ahead, you know to turn your full attention on. Traffic on these mountain roads is minimal – though you have to watch out for the other drivers more than your own driving.

Handling in the FR-S feels so direct and responsive that you can really feel the limits of the car. One of the first things that we will need to change on the car are better tires since the stock Prius tires don’t cut it when driving enthusiastically. After that, we will need just a pep more of power, by possibly adding a new performance air intake system or exhaust system to the FR-S.

We are very satisfied with the performance of the stock Scion FR-S and look forward to more driving experiences. For 2013, we are looking to attend some grassroots drifting events to test out the car in a safe environment.

Keep tuned for more updates and modification reviews in the future!

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