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The GT-86 Style Cb is the weirdest looking GT-86 you've seen

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With their constant stride towards perfection, Toyota and Subaru have announced updates to their joint car venture that is the BRZ/GT86 platform. These are mostly minor updates but significant enough for them to release information that they will be doing so. Both of the BRZ and GT86 (known in the USA as a Scion-FR-S) are getting a revised power steering system and reworked suspension. We should mention this is only for the Japanese domestic market, and not in the US. Although this is very exciting new, what's really intriguing are the redesigned headlights on the restyled GT86 Style Cb edition.

The very aggressive and mean head lights as we know them have been replaced with round ones, as well as an extended nose. This special edition called the Toyota 86 Style Cb is also being offered with two-tone paint options and has its own special LED turning strips, including a different badge to the normal GT-86. Naturally, the interior has gotten a touch-up too in the form of new and improved trim all around.

Luckily, the back end which we all know and love has stayed intact. This is a good thing, as the back tail lights have become a distinguishing feature of this platform, giving it a mean and aggressive look, that go along with that stance very nicely. You do have to wonder however. With such a friendly face at the front, is the end now overly aggressive? Is there a mismatch between the two ends of the car, or do they still look in balance?

This is of course a matter of personal taste and preference. As far as specials go, this one is questionable. There will be those who like it, and there will be those who don't. It's certainly not a vehicle that we must have over in the US, but it will be nice to have that option. If it does end up coming to the US, you're sure to find out by following Bean Garage and our blogs, as well as our Facebook. If you do own an FR-S back in the states, we have a great deal on all of our performance parts, so make sure to check out parts for your Scion FR-S here

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