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The Prius and the Future of Cars

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There are very few cars splitting opinions down the line like the Toyota Prius does. On one hand you have driving enthusiasts who absolutely despise it and wouldn't own one in a million years, and on the other you have those recognizing what it truly is. A great alternative to the not yet fully developed full-on electric cars primed the future. Electricity is the future, no question about that. But we're not there, not even close, and yet we're already having major global warming issues. Hybrids have proven to be a great choice in such a world.

You don’t even need to be doing it to save the planet. Many people are buying the Prius for its excellent fuel economy and the running savings it offers over a standard car. Whether it's just their daily driver or an all-rounder, we're seeing an increase in the popularity of hybrids and electric vehicles. Not just the Prius, but other models too.

In reality, no one needs a sports car or a large luxury limo. They're all just luxuries. The simple concept of the city car is probably the best definition for what a car should be. Cheap and reliable means of transport for the masses. A way to deliver and get from one place to another. You throw performance out the window for efficiency and affordability. But you and i both know it doesn't work like that. We always want more. Of everything. Of speed, of comfort. And truth be told, we wouldn't have gotten to where we are today if it weren't for the constant striving for more and more. It's how new ideas are born and how existing ones are improved. We're living in a world where the prospect of hybrids and electric cars is genuinely exciting. The likes of the electric SLS, all the Tesla models and of course the big three (P1, 918 and LaFerrari) are changing the general opinion of electric and hybrid vehicles. It's good to see such an effort being made, not just to save the planet, but to make cars exciting again. We can't claim for sure, but the future of the automotive world sure does seem bright!

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