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Tips on detailing and detailing kits

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Taking care of your car's paintwork is just as important as doing regular maintenance. The price of a car drops most significantly based on its outside appearance. Sure drivability is first, but poor exterior maintenance is the first thing to catch someone's eyes, and that usually indicates that the interior and internal components of the vehicle won't be in tip-top shape either. Washing your car regularly is good, but a nice detail job from time to time does wonders. At Bean Garage we have great detailing kits from top-notch manufacturer KillerWaxx such as our Full Detailer's Kit and even a Delux Detailer's Kit. For those who don't need an entire set, you can go ahead and click HERE to check out individual components of the kit at much more affordable prices.

Without any further to do, here's a couple of tips from us on how to properly take care of your car's paint:

1. If you or anyone you know has an air compressor, go ahead and aim it at all the small cracks and lines you can find in the car just to blow out any dust, particles or residue that may be resting in there. Don't worry about that stuff getting inside the car. Take a vacuum and clean it up or just wash the carpets later.

2. It's widely known that one of the hardest places to clean the car is the general wheel area. Not only the wheels themselves, but the surrounding fender and flare are that gets bashed with constant debris and water from the tires. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't use acid based cleaning products to wash any dirt. It's effective but when not applied and handled correctly it can result in burnt off paint, which is not a good thing. Use normal nonacid cleaning products with some degreaser for easier dirt removal. 

3. If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, wash your own car. A good hand wash always pays off in the end. Not only do you inspect your car for any hidden flaws in the process, but a hand wash done correctly is the best thing for your car's paint. Just make sure NOT to use cleaning products or detergents not meant for vehicles. They are clearly not designed for that thing in mind, otherwise they would have had a label stating otherwise. 

4. After you've done all that, wipe your car down with a dry towel to get that smooth shiny look. It should squeak when cleaning it with a dry towel, but not too much. Once you've got it bone dry, you can take out the polish. The process of polishing the paint of the car is to make it look and feel smoother. It's basically giving you a new paint job for a whole lot less. The KillerWaxx Metal Polish costs just $45, but can give the car's paint a $$$ improvement. 

5. We can't stress this next step enough. WAX YOUR CAR! The purpose of the wax is to protect the paint from any harmful chipping or scratching. Without a wax on top of your paint as protection, the only thing separating a stone chip from your hood for instance is in fact the paint, and it will eventually be the one to take the hit. Wax is there to take over this function, which is why wax rubs off over time and has to be re-applied. Make sure to wax your car every season if it sees a lot of driving and no, there is no test to determine whether the wax on it is adequate. Make a schedule and stick to it. Take a look at the excellent KillerWaxx Nannerz Wax we have on offer.

6. Finally, take good care of the windows too. After all, they're giving you visibility and without good maintenance they can fog up, crack or even break. Our KillerWaxx Window Cleaner is perfect for this sort of stuff. It's easy to use and gives instant results. 

We hope you found our tips useful and consider even sticking to some of the advice we gave you. Remember, a car's paint job is one of the first things everyone notices. Take good care of it.

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