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Tuning a Nissan Juke

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It's been 4 years since Nissan launched their quirky mini SUV, the Juke. In that period, it has gained in popularity because of its reliability and usability, but mainly because of its looks. It's a design that you certainly can't mistake with anything else on the road. 

If there's one thing it's been criticized for, it would have to be its performance, or lack of to put it better. Yes, it's relatively light and nimble, and can be what you'd call spritely, but by no means is it especially quick. As its intended purpose, one  could argue it does it better than any car in the segment. However, by creating something called the Juke R, Nissan have created a cult following for this little car.

Now, there's 2 ways of looking at what the engineers over at Nissan did. You could say they took the GT-R platform and bolted its underpinnings to the Juke, or you could say that they basically took the body of a Juke and strapped it onto a GT-R chassis and went with it. Either way, the marriage was incredible. The fact that the car wasn't even going to be for sale but they ended up making a couple of them speaks for itself. Nissan had people left and right offering incredible amounts of money for the car.

Although one can only dream of owning a Juke R, tuning your daily Juke can make it just as fun. Plus, you'll have a one of a kind car, as every tuned car is different than the others. For all those looking a performance upgrade on their Juke, there are plenty of performance parts available, however none can match what Bean Garage has to offer. An addition of a Juke Short Ram Intake or a Nissan Juke Exhaust can really wake your car up and make it feel livelier than ever. All of this at an affordable price. So don't hesitate! Check out our entire Nissan Juke Performance Parts offer on our site right here.

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