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Wagons can play too


Wagons can play too

Though we normally post about boxy cars and vans, I feel that this super clean Forester deserves some loving. Wagons can be made to look good AND go as fast as their sedan counterparts, ie. M5 Avant, RS6 Avant, Nissan Stagea and as shown here, the quick Subaru Forester wagon. And it looks right at home for this track photo shoot. Not only can the owner fit a bicycle and the day’s groceries in the boot, but they can also have a thrashing on the twisties if so desired. With the turbo 4 cylinder engine and AWD and a few mods, this has to be a blast to drive. Aesthetically, it is very pleasing with the lowered stance and Volk wheels. The large wheel arches and the lowered stance make for a great combo to really bring out the wagon’s lines.

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