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Bring back vinyl stickers

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Styles and times are changing. Old trends are coming back. The new trend in music and fashion seems to be an ode to vintage feel and look. With the current world we live in, standing out in the crowd can be a bit difficult. Apart from music and clothes, this is most obvious in the motoring world. With so much internet websites, magazines, blogs and so on, promoting new ideas and looks, it seems like almost every new and unique one has been used. But instead of constantly inventing new stuff, why not go back to the old ways for inspiration, and re-invent it if you will. Of course, i'm not suggesting for a moment we go back to the medieval age, but using some forgotten trends and styles that were popular just a few years ago may be a good idea.

The new "in" in today's world seems to be retro. Retro clothes, retro cars, even retro music is making a comeback. Everything seems to be retro or vintage. Well, why can't cars follow the same pattern? The popularity of stickers, body kits and just car accessories in general seems to have been put into the rice section by mainstream opinion (race inspired cosmetic enhancement). This whole thing started with the Fast and Furious movie franchise. At first, it was cool to have that sort of a car, littered with stickers and vinyls. But then, once lots of people got into it and it became mainstream, it suddenly became uncool. It seems the world has a thing for hating on mainstream stuff. But not everything has to be rice. The term itself even says it, it's only that if something was designed for racing, but is being used on the street. What if you decided to sticker up your car because YOU wanted to. Well, i don't see anything wrong with that. Really, it feels like the popular trend at the moment is to follow what's interesting and trending, and not what the individual likes. And that's a real shame if you ask me.

Using stickers and vehicle accessories that you like doesn't make the car rice. If it's a tasteful graffiti vinyl, or just something the owner generally is fond of, i see no reason why someone would hate on it. Even if it isn't to their liking, the fact that someone has done it indicates that it means something to him and that he likes it. I believe we're way too time-limited on this Earth to worry about what anyone has to say about the way you live. If you're happy doing your own thing and not giving a f***, then do it. If you like the feeling you get when everyone stares at your car, then go ahead and modify it as you wish. I guess the point of this article was to bring light to the forgotten vinyl sticker. Sure, it may have phased out, but i think bringing it back and having a little bit of a diversity is not a bad thing. In the end however, only one thing really matters. Whether YOU like it.  

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