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Cosmis Racing Wheels

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If you're not a wheel fanatic, chances are you're probably only aware of the existence of BBS and Enkei as premium wheel manufacturers. Most of us know them because of racing game serials such as Need For Speed from a very young age. The truth of the matter is that there are equally good, if not better wheels out there. Wheels such as the ones produced by Cosmis.

Cosmis produces high-quality, premium wheels mainly designed for racing and track use. That's not to say that you can't use them on the road, you most certainly can. The difference is that while normal road wheels can't be abused too much on the track because they might break, racing wheels can take a lot of punishment without complaining. Whether it be the track or a canyon road, you can be sure that you won't crack a spoke or the dish. A lot of Cosmis' wheels are a one piece cast design, making them extremely durable as there are no sections which have been joined afterwards. This adds extra stiffness which makes wheels basically bulletproof. 

The Cosmis wheel lineup is rather big. There are wheels to fit every requirements, both performance wise and budget wise. The ZR-7 is an excellent budget choice. It combines affordability with performance in a package that's almost too good to believe. For anyone wanting more, you have the middle of the pack R1 and S1, both of which are extremely durable. It's a matter of picking which one you prefer. And if you're after the best of the best, the XT-006R and XT-206R will be right up your street. They're excellent on the road, but the track is their natural habitat. Feel free to check out the full Cosmis wheels offering from Bean Garage right here.

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