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Equipped XBNERD


Equipped XBNERD

Casey from helafassdooo.com (HFD) is doing WORK with his current setup on his 2009 Scion xB. He is rocking some discontinued Work Equip 5-spoke wheels in 17×8 +29 in the front and 17×9 +29 in the rear (+4 effectively with 25mm spacer). To achieve this low stance, he installed an air bag system. I love seeing modern cars with discontinued, classic looking wheels. The Work Equip 5-spoke was one that is usually associated with cars like the Supra or NSX, but it looks at home on the xB2. Interior wise, there are a few goodies here and there such as wrapped door cards, bubble shifter, VIP front table, Junction Produce pillows and curtains, and blue LEDs. We are setting him up with a set of custom Clazzio Cross-Stitch/Diamond-Stitch seat covers to set off the VIP feel of the interior. Keep up the good work, HFD! I plan on showing off some other clean rides from this group of great people.

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