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Wheel alignment and fitment

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to wheels, especially fitment. Understanding camber, caster and toe can be difficult. Here's a useful guide to give you the basics of it, so that you at least understand what wheels cope with and what wheel alignment is, so that next time you talk about that [...]

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Tips on winter driving

What you need to know about driving in winterWith Christmas and New Year comes snow. And while that does mean endless joy and playful happiness for children and adults alike, winter driving can be dangerous if you've never driven or snow or ice. Here are some tips on this topic that i have read and [...]

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Tuning a Nissan Juke

It's been 4 years since Nissan launched their quirky mini SUV, the Juke. In that period, it has gained in popularity because of its reliability and usability, but mainly because of its looks. It's a design that you certainly can't mistake with anything else on the road. If there's one thing it's been criticized for, it [...]

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Meet 3SDM and their lineup

Where and why3SDM is a very much needed change in the current wheel manufacturer sector. They are a fast growing company from the South of England. While most wheel manufacturers bank on mass produced wheels that have been known to sell but are quickly becoming bland, 3SDM is not afraid to be different and have [...]

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Cosmis ZR7 Wheels Sale

Enthusiasts, rejoice! Cosmis are having a sale on their ZR7 Wheels with a holiday special of just 158$ per wheel! What's more, shipping is free in continental US. Wheels this good looking have never been more affordable. Treat yourself, or a friend, with the greatest petrolhead gift you can buy! Two options are availble for this offer: 17x7.5 +42mm, 5x100  17x7.5 [...]

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Clazzio Clearance Sale: Honda Fit 11+ PVC Seat Covers

Looking to get a set of high quality seat covers for your 2011+ Honda Fit? We have one set in Light Gray PVC (MSRP $299) that we are selling for $215 shipped. This was a custom set that the customer did not end up installing and has [...]

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Concrete coated xB

To stand out these days with your car you really must do something different, and Takuto-san of Hiroshima has done just that with his concrete coated xB / Toyota bB. A modified body kit and slammed stance wasn’t enough so he went the extra mile and covered his [...]

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Wider and Lower – Stephen’s tC2

We’ve covered Stephen’s tC2 several times now and received some updated photos of the new 9.5″ / 11″ wide deep dish wheels – this thing is super nuts! He is still using air suspension to get this super low stance. We’ve known this car from its humble [...]

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And something new

Out with the old, in with the new is how the saying goes. We recently traded in our shop Scion xB first gen for this beautiful Hot Lava Scion FR-s 2013, and what a change it is! We are loving it so far. Even with having half [...]

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Scion FR-S driving experience in North Carolina

Over the weekend, we took a quick trip up to Boone, North Carolina area to take in the sights and test out the new Scion FR-S in a proper setting. The drive from Jacksonville, Florida takes about 8-9 hours, so it was not only a good test of how [...]

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