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A big sale on ARK Performance parts

There are a only a few things that can make a a grown man laugh and giggle like a little kid. If the man in question is a car enthusiast, one of those things is surely new car parts. Especially a big SALE on performance car parts. It's even better when the parts in question [...]

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Clazzio Leather Seat Covers

Whether you're looking for a seat cover to cover up your old worn out seats, or just want to preserve them, Bean Garage has the solution to your problems. High-quality Clazzio Seat covers are the perfect fit for your vehicle. What's more, the Clazzio seat covers are leather seat covers, and in most cases are even [...]

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High Performance ADVAN Wheels

ADVAN represents Yokohama's premium, flagship brand. Yokohama gives the name ADVAN to their high-quality performance road and race tires, as well as their range of light-weight wheels. The word ADVAN, is derived from "ADVANCE", a word in itself meaning something innovative and ahead of the competitors. Advan has lots of wheels, some for street and some [...]

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Hyundai Veloster Aftermarket Performance Parts

The Hyundai Veloster is Hyundai's alternative to the Scion tC and the likes. A relatively new car, being offered for the first time in 2011, it certainly seems to have a lot going for it. Interesting looks is one thing. A turbocharged engine and nimble chassis is another. While certainly not a sports car, the [...]

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Great Performance Parts For Your Scion tC

The Scion tC is a small sports coupe, made by Toyota and sold by the now defunct brand Scion. Although many different versions have been spawned, featuring minor cosmetic tweaks here and there, there have only ever been two generations of the tC. Find parts for your Scion tC here:Scion tC 04'-10'Scion tC 10'+The first generation [...]

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Nissan Cube Aftermarket Parts

First, a short Nissan history. Nissan is a globally known and recognized car manufacturer. They are represented in almost every car market in the world. In 1999,  Nissan cut a deal with Renault to share platforms and engines, making them effectively partners. Usually Renault provides the engines, the awesome dCi units, and Nissan provides the platform. Nissan also has [...]

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Mini Cooper Performance Parts

The very first generation of Minis was re-introduced and re-styled in the year 2000, but this time Mini was under the ownership of BMW and had a completely new look. The first generation of the new Mini was offered in a couple of trim-levels and sprouted different variants, most of them had a 1.6 liter [...]

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Ark Exhaust Systems Discount

One of the best exhaust systems on offer just got a even more affordable. Bean Garage has a discount on the ARK  DT-S exhaust system. This is a limited time offer so hurry and get your car the exhaust it deserves. Anyone calling themselves a car enthusiast or anyone simply enjoying the sound of one of [...]

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Honda CR-Z Performance Parts

Honda launched the CR-Z back in 2010 and labeled it a sport hybrid coupe. The car combines a normal gasoline powered engine and an electric motor to make a coupe that turned out to be a hit for Honda. This 2+2 style really became dear to people, especially wrapped in such an attractive body.In the [...]

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The GT-86 Style Cb is the weirdest looking GT-86 you've seen

With their constant stride towards perfection, Toyota and Subaru have announced updates to their joint car venture that is the BRZ/GT86 platform. These are mostly minor updates but significant enough for them to release information that they will be doing so. Both of the BRZ and GT86 (known in the USA as a Scion-FR-S) are [...]

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