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Mistakes Which End Up Costing You Money

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If you follow or blogs you may have read the article about easy DIY car maintenance you can do yourself. If you haven't feel free to read it right here. Where that was more of a helpful article with useful tips for what to do, today's article is what you should NOT do. Some mistakes may be an easy fix, but others may end up costing you a lot of money. Here are a few we feel you should be avoiding the most in order to save you your time and money.

Mechanic shops

Now this applies to most people. If you're not that mechanically gifted or inclined, chances are you're taking your vehicle to a shop for even simpler things like regular maintenance. That's perfectly fine, but consider taking your car to a independent mechanic rather than a dealership for small maintenance especially when your warranty has ran out. If you're under warranty take it to the dealer by all means. If not, go to an independent mechanic to save a few bucks. But don't just go to any mechanic, make sure to do your research in order to find the cheapest one in your are, but also to make sure the one you plan to visit is trustworthy.

Driving on reserve

Modern day vehicles use fuel injection instead of carburetors. As such, the fuel is vital to their proper operation since it acts as a lubricant and a cooling device. Running your car "on fumes" frequently might cause the fuel pump to overheat and fail, resulting in an expensive repair. The solution is simple, always have at least some gas in the tank.

Do the simple stuff yourself

This one is easier said than done since it requires you to get your hands dirty, but if you aren't afraid of trying something you haven't before and learning something in the process then it's a win-win situation. Not to mention that it's pretty fun even if you're not an enthusiast. You don't have to do an engine swap, but simple things like an oil change or a filter change can be done just with the help of a jack and a few screwdrivers and wrenches. 

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