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Preparing Your Car For Winter

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Winter is just around the corner, but the cold temperatures are already starting to affect us in a lot of places. Not only us, but our cars as well. Contrary to popular belief, the process of winterizing your vehicle is a rather simple one. It's no more complex to getting your car ready for a long journey. Naturally, there are certain key differences, but you get the idea. Without further to do, let's get right into them.


This is one of the most talked about: winter tires. All-season tires will serve you just fine for the time being, but summer tires will not, especially in colder and wetter places. It's time to start thinking about switching over to winter or at least all-season tires. They aren't just made for snow and ice, remember. A heavy rain can have just as big of an effect on a road as any patch of snow. Winter tires are made out of a different compound, one which doesn't freeze and harden at low temperatures (summer tires start to lose efficiency below 44 degrees Fahrenheit). This effectively gives you a lot more grip than a summer compound tire.


Okay, so this one might be a bit too much for most people, but it's worth to mention it. In colder places, you might consider swapping out your summer 10W-30 oil (used purely as an example) for a 5W-30 one. The cold has an effect on oil viscosity and its properties just like it does on water. The last thing you want is mushy, frozen oil in your engine.


Water freezes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this much we know. So it's pretty logical that the water keeping your engine  cool is at risk of freezing too. To stop that from happening, you should mix it with coolant (ethylene glycol). It's typically a mixture between the two, a ratio of 60/40 in favor of the coolant over the water. Do not use only water or only distilled water. It's proven that a mixture of the two works best. Check your manual for exact specifications.

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