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The Brand New Supra is Inching Closer

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If you're even a moderate car enthusiast and don't live under a rock, chances are you've heard about the Supra replacement which was announced some time ago. Although nothing is for certain, not even the moniker it will wear, the first original renderings proved it was a spectacular looking thing. Dubbed the Toyota FT-1 concept car, it showcased what a modern iteration of the legendary Supra might be like. 

After that original concept, it was announced that the new "Supra" will be a joint venture between Toyota and the BMW, based on the equivalent Supra and the Z4 from the German auto maker. Both cars will be quite a lot different however, so this won't be a simple re-branding job like the FR-S/GT-86/BR-Z is. The reason we bring this up again is because some recent images have surfaced, showing a test mule in action in a snowy environment. You can't really tell a lot from the camouflaged and blurry images, but it's enough to get the sparks going.

If you, like us, are excited about the arrival of such a vehicle, you'll be disappointed to hear that it won't have the legendary JZ engine. Small wonder we know, considering how old it is, but it's even more likely that the powerplant will be lifted from the Germans rather than the Japanese. Still, we can't really complain about anything. It's not like either of them don't know what they're doing. Toyota has been building great performance cars before anyone, and BMW is well... BMW. The inventor of the modern day performance sedan and a top-level competitor in whatever motorsport discipline they enter. 

How long we have to wait, no one can tell. This does raise one interesting topic however. With a new "Supra" just behind the corer, and not long to go before we can import the original Supra from Japan, do we reckon it will become a collectible with prices spiking up even more? We certainly hope not, it's a shame to let a Supra sit and collect dust. 

For the moment, head over to Furious Customs to check out the entire offer of aftermarket performance parts. If you do own a Supra and want to modify it, there's even a Supra section under the Toyota one, for both 87-92 models (click here), and one for 93-98 ones (click here).

Pictures are taken from www.autoblog.com, all credits to them for those.

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