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Toyota Supra/BMW Z5 caught having fun in the snow

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We've already covered this car several times, but a new video showing it getting put through its paces in the snow has just surfaced, and it's brilliant. 

For those of you with short memory, let us quickly remind you why you should be very, very excited about the upcoming sprotscar. First off, there's the design. Toyota said it'll pay a tribute to the original Supra, although it may not be called a Supra. Weird, but don't ask. It still hasn't been named, but we really hope Toyota decides to change their mind and use the legendary Supra moniker. It will most likely use a V6 engine in addition to the electric motor. Yes, it's a hybrid, but we hope it's nothing like the rather disappointing Acura/Honda NSX.

The BMW, if online rumors are to be believed, will have a different engine, body and even wheelbase. Nothing but the bare-bone chassis will be shared between the two cars. The Beemer will be powered by a lineup of various four and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel units, with the added benefit of having a removable roof. Whether that makes it less of a sportscar, you decide. We personally can't wait to see both of them in action without the camouflage. Our vote goes to the Supra, how about you? Comment down below.

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