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Easy DIY Maintenance You Can Do On Your Car

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Not everyone is mechanically inclined or indeed has the basic skills to upgrade their vehicle or tune it. In fact, nearly everyone who isn't a professional can't do that. What the average Joe can do however is basic car maintenance. Instead of paying a lot of money for a simple air filter replacement why not do it yourself? Car mechanics will usually charge you a considerable amount for even simpler tasks due to the fact that they go on a per-hour price. While you can be sure they will do a great job, in small easy tasks it really doesn't matter if you do it or a professional does it. Although it's best to leave the bigger stuff or something you're not sure about to the professionals, here are a few you can at least try doing yourself if you haven't already:

Air Filter
This is probably one of the easiest, especially if you have a stock air filter and not an AEM one. Most air filter housings don't even have screws but rather small latches that can be easily unclipped to show the air filter. Then once you get that done it's a simple matter of replacing the air filter which is a 30 second job. If you made sure to source and buy the correct one for your model and engine it should fit right in just like a lego piece.

If you're in a position where you have easy access to a mechanic's canal or a car jack this is one that's easier than it appears. Before starting the job make sure the car has been warmed up (driven prior to the job) but the engine not hot! It's crucial that you let the engine cool off after you've circulated the oil throughout the engine. Once you lift the car up locate the drain plug, place a large container underneath it and open the plug. When it finishes draining put the plug back in, refill your engine with the appropriate engine oil and dispose of the old oil accordingly.

Windshield Wipers
Now this really is the easiest one on the list. There's no point going to a local dealer for a windshield replacement. They might not charge you any money but that's because it's literally a 2 minute job. Lift up the wipers, see how they're connected, usually there'll be a pin to release them, if not resort to the manual or the instructions located on the new wipers' packaging and feel free to dispose of them. Then, it's a matter of reversing the removal process in order to install the new ones. 

There are a few more we could have included in the list like oil and fuel filters as well as brake pads but since those require a bit more work and getting your hands dirtier we'll leave them out for now. Make sure to check out Furious Customs and their shop, as well as follow us on Facebook for more articles like this one, car news and product updates.

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